I think I’ve had the best year yet! I ended up winning the look book Levi’s trip to NYC and i had the time of my life. The following photos are from a day in Soho with the gorgeous Breanne from flattery. 

I really enjoyed Soho they had some great boutiques as well as all your favorite big brands.My purchase of the day was a new pair of Doc Martens, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more photos of my NYC adventure.

NewYork274 NewYork276 NewYork280 NewYork282 NewYork286 NewYork294


I felt I went back in time with my 501’s; it was strange once I squeezed into them they gave me this 50’s euphoria feeling. Yes..…Strange aye? I felt obliged to wear them like the greats-Jimmy D & Marlon Brando; it wasn’t long before I phoned my best friend demanding to borrow his eye candy muscle. I slicked my hair to the max, cranked some rockabilly jives and came up with this end result. Which, fingers crossed, lets me shake it up at the Toronto look book party!! ☺.

IMG_0682 IMG_0697 IMG_0828 IMG_0840 IMG_0846 IMG_0871 mustang sally orig