I think I’ve had the best year yet! I ended up winning the look book Levi’s trip to NYC and i had the time of my life. The following photos are from a day in Soho with the gorgeous Breanne from flattery. 

I really enjoyed Soho they had some great boutiques as well as all your favorite big brands.My purchase of the day was a new pair of Doc Martens, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more photos of my NYC adventure.

NewYork274 NewYork276 NewYork280 NewYork282 NewYork286 NewYork294


The next city was Berlin! What a city it was! From its nightlife to its landmarks I can’t explain how much I loved this city. For the short weekend I was there, my sister and I we went to the infamous club called Berghain, which was out of this world ridiculously cool. The next day we went bike riding all around the city to see the sights such as the Berlin Wall, the arts and museums and we couldn’t help but stop at the various food and clothing stores.

acid Aus IMG_9665 IMG_9667 IMG_9715 IMG_9723 IMG_9740 IMG_9745 IMG_9748 IMG_9764 IMG_9911 IMG_9921 IMG_9925 IMG_9945


This is my first pair of a fluoro trimmed suede chukkas, you may have noticed this trend lately across some of the big name shoe company’s especially in sneakers such as Nike and New Balance. I got my Topman chukkas as a gift and I admit at first I was a bit hesitant with the eye catching florescent base. Now I really enjoy them and they have fast become a personal favourite.
IMG_8579 IMG_8593 IMG_8601

Acid Scoop Neck

Acid Scoop Neck